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Ömer (S02E13)

Gamze, who is troubled by Nevzat's words, continues to support Ömer in working with Şule, even though she is skeptical. Feeling embarrassed with Gamze's support, Ömer apologizes to her for not showing the understanding and support he needs lately. Gamze, struggling with both family and work problems, faces the harsh reality that she has neglected Tuna and that the bond between her and her son has weakened.

Reşat, who is estranged from his children because of his marriage, feels suddenly isolated by this decision. At the same time, Çiçek is saddened by not receiving the love and acceptance she expects from Reşat and the children. Resisting the divorce, Hakan continues to try various ways. Şükran realizes that there is something strange about Eda and pursues the matter.

Realizing that it is essential for them to rent a house, Gamze shares the situation with Ömer, but Ömer, who is not in a good economic situation, does not agree with this idea. But he realizes that they need to talk to Çiçek in a cold-blooded way.