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Ömer (S02E11)


Upon learning that his father is preparing to marry Çiçek, Ömer opposes the decision, saying that it would be disrespectful to his mother's memory. However, Reşat, who is struggling with both his children's family issues and his mother's health problems, stands by his decision and shows Ömer the door. Although the tension between them continues, it falls to Gamze to calm Ömer down again. 

Nisa, who is trying to build a life on her own feet by leaving her husband, is unaware of the insidious plan Hakan has prepared for her. Tahir, who learns that Şükran has filed for divorce, struggles with loneliness and despair and appreciates Hasan's support, but he is unaware that he is being drawn into great danger. 

Ömer receives an invitation from Şule to participate in a project organized for children and is happy that Gamze also accepts this invitation. What happens at the opening of the restaurant is a shock for everyone. Gamze, who is suffering from the workload Nevzat has created for her, is left in a very difficult situation that will trigger big problems with Ömer.