Ömer (S02E01)


Unable to stop Haluk from taking Gamze and Tuna to America, Ömer risks losing all connection with life. Not hearing any news from Gamze since the day she left makes his anguish even greater. Reşat, who is very worried about Ömer's situation, is also crushed under the heavy debts created by Nezahat's hospital expenses.

Turning over a new leaf, Nisa and Hakan start a new job in the home of a wealthy family and find themselves in the endless problems of the family they work for. Emine and Yaman, who are trying to maintain their relationship under difficult conditions, are trying to find ways to reunite.

Vicdan, who has just moved into the neighborhood with her daughter, begins to change the balance in everyone's lives. This guest suddenly emerges from the past and causes Tahir and Ömer to confront each other. Feeling anger and guilt over Gamze's absence, Ömer tries to find solace in alcohol, but keeping this secret from everyone will not be easy.

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