Hayat Bugün

Hayat Bugün (S01E07)


While the echoes of the violence in the hospital continued, Aras survived, but due to the damage to his arm, he had to take a break from surgery. Aras finds it difficult to accept this fact and asks only one thing from his friends; The fact that Derin, who already feels guilty, does not know this... Derin, on the other hand, has devoted herself to combating this feeling of guilt, and the only thing that keeps her alive during her sleepless days is her medications. On the other hand, Barış will start his cancer treatment, but a beggar girl he sees on the street with an infected foot causes his whole day to change. Ali Haydar and Andaç reveal a much darker secret in the family of a patient who has attempted suicide. In the final, when all the wounds were healed and the hospital gathered for Aras's surprise birthday party, there was a fact that they did not know; At two different ends of the city, the lives of both Derin and Barış are in danger!