Gül Masalı

Gül Masalı (S01E02)


Gonca, who learns that her mother's grave is in Isparta, goes through an emotionally difficult test, and at the same time takes the first step of coming to terms with her past. She is undecided between accepting Fatma's condition and claiming her mother's inheritance or returning to Istanbul. Gonca's arrival in Isparta activates the Atabeys. With the arrival of Gonca, the possibility of revealing dark secrets scares them. When Tahir, who is afraid of the facts his daughter has learned, comes to Isparta to persuade her daughter to return, there is a big confrontation between father and daughter.
While trying to find answers to the questions in his mind, he also encounters Toprak's close attention and support. Thanks to this interest and support, a warm intimacy is formed between Toprak and Gonca. However, the move made by Arda, who cannot accept Toprak's presence around Gonca, makes Gonca suspicious.