Gül Masalı

Gül Masalı (S01E13)


Ece's constant presence in their lives has exhausted Gonca's patience. She is convinced that they cannot continue in this way, and she completely breaks the ropes, holding Toprak responsible for what happened. Toprak, who is shocked by Gonca's decision to leave, thinks that he does not deserve such a reaction. He too has a threshold of tolerance, which has been crossed many times by the people closest to him. Now he has nothing on his mind except to confront them as a completely different Toprak and to teach a good lesson… Not only Gonca, but also his family and Ece will get their share from this lesson. Meanwhile, Tahir's accident further cemented Gonca's decision, and she completely locked herself into her work and goals. Fuat warns Toprak by telling what he knows about Ece. Despite this, Ece receives an unexpected phone call from Toprak. A new page is about to open for Canan and Halil, who are on the brink of the abyss. How will Rifat react to this development between his daughter and son-in-law? What kind of game is Fuat preparing for her, who does not close his account with Ece? How will the rapprochement of Tahir and Zühre deeply affect both Gonca's and Toprak's lives?