Elkızı (S01E12)


Even more painful than Harun's victory, Ezo's witnessing of the closeness between Ali and Songül. She thinks that Ali also has feelings for Songül, but that is far from the truth. 

Harun has intimidated everyone, but this time he takes advantage of the opportunity that comes his way. He turns an impulsive move by Ali to protect Ezo in his favor and threatens Ezo through Ali. Nermin started to get scared of her son's sick state. As if these were not enough, they are also threatened. Someone knows that they killed Cemal! While all this was going on, Cavidan learned that his grandson, whom he knew died years ago, is still alive. Step by step she goes to find her grandchild.

At the point where Ezo bows to something for Ali, Zeliha also learns everything. His daughters are in trouble and have no choice but to take them and run.