Elkızı (S01E11)


Marrying Harun is the lightest nightmare for Ezo. She is willing to endure this torture for her mother, but is in a difficult situation. Ali is the first and only to notice this. Ali realizes that something is not right, but there is no one to confess it to him except Ezo.

Everything starts over with Zeliha not taking her medicine. She remembers Zeliha and she will make Cavidan, who did these things to her, pay the price. Most importantly, he will reunite with his daughters, Ezo and Seher.

For Ezo, while hopes are gone, someone, she never expected, Nermin, helps her. She has a plan, and if the plan works, Ezo will both get rid of Harun and regain her freedom. Reuniting with Ali is no longer a dream for Ezo, who is hopeful again, but her jealousy and pain when she sees Songül and Ali turns Ezo upside down. No draw this time. There will only be a race of winners and losers…