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Dilek Taşı

Dilek Taşı (S01E03)


Mustafa and Cemre are finally reunited. They hug tightly and stay like that for a long time. Figen watches this moment of father and daughter with misty eyes. Then Figen hears voices. Kenan and Sevda are approaching them. Figen has to hide Mustafa, but Mustafa has difficulty moving because he is injured. At the last moment, they avoid being caught and hide in the old outbuilding. Figen tends to Mustafa's wound during the night and tries to heal him. Thinking that Mustafa is dead, the Ronas take a deep breath and think that there is no obstacle in front of them anymore. They speed up the process to realize their plans about Cemre. Mustafa wants to get well and leave with his daughter as soon as possible. It is very difficult for Figen to leave Cemre. She tries to convince Mustafa not to leave, but he has no intention of living in hiding. Will Mustafa be able to take Cemre and leave before Macide and Rüçhan realize their plan?