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Dilek Taşı

Dilek Taşı (S01E02)


September 12, 1980 coup took place, and martial law was declared in the country. Mustafa is being executed step by step. Cemre hears the news of her father's death from Ronalar. The little girl in pain is in tears. Sinan, the younger son of the Ronas, is very upset by Cemre's situation. A big riot breaks out in the prison. The prison administration suppresses this rebellion very harshly. It is decided that the prisoners who started the riot would be deported to Diyarbakır. Their execution will take place there. During the transportation, a brawl breaks out and the ring vehicle has a major accident. Mustafa and many prisoners escape. The news of Mustafa's escape falls like a bomb on the Rona mansion. Meanwhile, Figen's visit to the prison is heard in the mansion and all hell breaks loose.