Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S02E02)


Tamer learns that it was Ipek who kidnapped Devrim, but he has no choice but to hide it from Peri. When he tells Viran what he has learned, everything becomes clearer. Peri goes to therapy, but the person she talks to is Sarp again. Çağla wins the favor of Peri and Meryem and starts working as a new assistant at home. While Sarp's plan works like clockwork, Elit senses that Tamer has found something and tries to figure out what is happening. Peri is sure that Tamer is hiding something from her and takes precautions, while Tamer realizes that Peri is lying to him and asks Serkan for help. After Bülent learns that İpek has kidnapped Devrim, he agrees to take on a difficult and vital task by meeting her.

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