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Aldatmak (S02E36)


Güzide's life turns upside down when she learns that she was deceived by Tarık from the very beginning.  While Güzide seeks help from an unexpected acquaintance in her case, she is unaware that her ex-husband's cruelty is not limited to the information he has just learned.
Oltan loves Can as his grandson for the first time. Although he agrees to keep Oylum's secret after an emotional confrontation, the truth will eventually come out.
Faced with the crimes she committed in the past, Yeşim goes through difficult times. Even though he breaks the ice with Güzide, she is on the verge of a big decision when he cannot extinguish the remorse inside her.
As Ipek's mental balance gradually collapses, she makes a surprising move. An unexpected visit from Azra drags Sezai to make the most difficult decision of his life. When Sezai sees that his daughter is on a path of no return, he confronts the mistakes he made as a father.