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Aldatmak (S02E35)


While Sezai will not stop fighting for Güzide, he will also make an important decision about his daughter.

Under Tarık's rule, Yeşim once again asks Güzide for help. Yeşim's life becomes increasingly difficult as she resorts to various methods to keep track of Dündar.
Güzide finds shocking information while searching for her missing child. Having exposed Tarık's deception, Güzide once again faces the truth of how cruel her ex-husband can be.
Mualla decides that the people around her are much more valuable than tribal love. Meanwhile, Kadriye, abandoned by everyone, makes a big decision. Oylum, who tries to be with Kahraman in his difficult day, is unaware of the approaching danger. An unexpected face from the Dicleli house is about to reveal the family's biggest secrets...