'HİÇ' to premiere February 19 on BluTV

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BluTV is simply not playing around this year. Premiering on the leading Turkish streamer on Feb 19, is a brand new YA drama entitled HİÇ and starring a bunch of familiar Turkish internet stars, Doğanay, Uzun Makarna, Semih Varol, and Sera.

will follow the struggles of a group of young people from different socio-economic groups who come together under the roof of a university and each character in the series will represent one of the 7 deadline sins: is arrogance, greed, anger, jealousy, lust, laziness and gluttony.

The series will describe how an unfortunate event led to the birth of an organization that could not be prevented afterward, and it will also highlight the great impact of social media on the modern world. 

"HİÇ", which highlights class distinctions and life's struggles experienced by young people will debut on BluTV on Friday, February 19, and at its forefront are hard-hitting and realistic characters!

watch_later Updated: Feb 15, 2021 13:47 pm (UTC)
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